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Need to create WordPress staging sites? Want to manage all your themes, plugins and users all from one dashboard? Take advantage of indianhoster WordPress Hosting and these handy features are all included !

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Clone, Develop, Go-live

WordPress Staging

A WordPress staging website is a clone of your live WordPress site, created independently on indianhoster staging servers.

It allows you to test changes – whether that’s WordPress themes, plugins, code snippets or any other kind of change. As it’s done ‘offline’, you can afford to experiment.

A staging site is a place to develop or troubleshoot without worrying about your actions having an effect on the users of your live website. As web designers and developers know, a single plugin addition could have disastrous consequences. You don’t ever want to be acquainted with the infamous ‘white screen of death’ on a live WordPress site.

Clone your site with a single click, carry out tests or add new content or code. You can share your staging site with anyone by giving them the ‘.staging’ URL.

Once everyone is happy with the changes you’ve made to the staging site, you can migrate those changes to the live site seamlessly. Your changes will overwrite your old content in minutes.

WordPress staging is included with all WordPress packages at no extra charge.

Wordpress Staging


WordPress Management Tools

Our WordPress Tools dashboard allows you to do a whole lot more than WordPress staging. Manage all your essential WordPress tasks without leaving your My indianhoster control panel. Designed for the power-user with multiple WordPress websites – but equally useful for those with just one site – it’s a fast and convenient way to administer your site.
Theme Management
Theme Management

You can manage WordPress themes directly from the Myindianhoster control panel. It’s a fast way to bulk-update themes and activate/deactivate them at will.

User Management
User Management

You can view, add or remove WordPress users. Assign and change usernames and passwords. Give them a WordPress Role or a custom role that has been created by a plugin.

WordPress Settings
WordPress Settings: Site ID & URLs

Change the identification of your site. Here you can manage Site Title, Site Tagline and basic URL settings.

Plugin Management
Plugin Management

Plugins can be managed from Myindianhoster. Here you can see a full list that you can update, activate and deactivate at will.

Reinstall WordPress
Reinstall WordPress

Start over with a clean install on either your live or staging site. Be cautious: this will remove all your data – you have to check a box to confirm that you’re aware of this.

WordPress Checksum Report
WordPress Checksum Report

This scan checks if your core files match what exists in the official WordPress core repository. It’s a way to ensure that you haven’t been infected by malware.


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