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indianhoster Customer Reviews

"Whether you’re just starting out or you’re a web hosting veteran, you’re guaranteed to have a fantastic experience thanks to quality custom-built platforms and incredible customer support."

The best, bar none!!

I’ve used over 10 hosting companies in the past and I can say without a doubt that indianhoster is at the top of the pile. Easy to use but highly customisable services. Tons of features. A++++ support, always quick and helpful with their responses. And they are constantly improving their products and services. Can’t say enough good things about them!!

Teknicom Web – February, 2020

The best hosting providers.

To me indianhoster are the best hosting providers in the INDIA. Hosting and domain packages are well priced, the website and control panels are easy to navigate with many options and the online support is quick and helpful. Don’t think I will ever need to look for another provider.

Manish S. – July, 2020

Migration experts.

If anyone has ever had a nightmare with their existing hosting company or you have already tried to migrate from one to another and know that a complete minefield of configurations are required to make the transition and importantly make sure clients do not experience down-times or loss of emails?

And if you are apprehensive about changing hosts or servers then are without doubt the best solution to ease all your fears and worries and are with you all the way step by step with immediate quick ticket replies. Superb quality excellent customer care & support.

A massive thank you to all the team at

Anand H. – june, 2020

Simply blown away.

Simply blown away with this company, yes support is amazing but their control panel and hosting platform blows all that cPanel rubbish out of the water.

Properly load balanced, email not on the same servers as web and optimised for speed.

Fine grain control over everything, excellent for developers. I have managed to get rid of multiple VPS’s and get rid of all of the admin headache. indianhoster you rock!

mohini k – June, 2020

Superb products and amazing support.

I absolutely can not recommend this company enough. Their product is simply superb and their support is top-notch. Not only that they are continuing to innovate and bring new products to the market that are perfectly targeted to their end-users.

It is obvious from their product set and dedication to their customers that they are true professionals in their field.

Tanish H. – June, 2020

Always on hand to help

Always on hand to help! Regardless to whether its urgent or not someone has replied within 5 minutes. Always happy to help with fast response times and easy to follow information.

If I don’t ever understand anything that has been said, they try to explain it in a way that I can understand to get my query resolved.

The services are fantastic as well. I wish I found them sooner. Super easy to use and effective across my re-sellers package. I think I might move everything to them to keep it in one place.

Ryan W. – June, 2020

A beast of a company.

As a self taught website developer and designer with over a decades professional experience in the industry I have had to work with many different clients all across the globe.

As you may expect I also have to deal with one or two hosting companies. Now I have had to put out fires with hosting companies like A Small Orange, GoDaddy and even Hostgator.

However I have not had better customer support than indianhoster -the Arun jii have created a beast of a company and i cannot recommend them high enough. They blow the competition out of the water.

I Phillip Dews Freelance Web Developer have no problem recommending indianhoster for excellent hosting and support. Choose these guys for your next host.

Philip D. – January, 2020

Amazing job with the indianhoster platform

Looking back over 2019, you guys have done an amazing job with the indianhoster platform with the countless technological innovations and capabilities that continue to delight resellers across the board.

I wish you an even more prosperous and innovative 2020 (I’m especially looking forward to the new CDN). But even more importantly, I hope your growth and success never compromise the excellent support and value you bring to table for resellers in this arena.

I especially want to thank the support team for their knowledgeable, professional and highly responsive service in resolving issues quickly - it doesn’t go unnoticed.

Rakesh S. – December, 2019

Can’t fault them.

Cant Fault them in any way, Reliability, Support, Features and Price. Perfect

David W. – December, 2019

Great platform

As an IT professional, I wish I had found indianhoster earlier - it’s a great platform, lots of good features, easy to use, and good prices.

Thoroughly recommend.

Alex H. – December, 2019

An absolute life-saver.

indianhoster has been an absolute life-saver since I transferred my domains and hosting, and those of my clients, 18 months ago. The service is excellent and when things do go pear-shaped the support they provide is amazing.

I transferred a client’s website to the hosting last week and she can’t believe how fast and reliable it is compared with her previous provider. Keep it up and I definitely won’t be looking to go anywhere else!

Fiona S. – November, 2019

No downtime at all in 12 months.

I’ve been using indianhoster for a year now and this is by far the best service I have ever used…. no downtime at all in 12 months = happy customers.

The indianhoster support team are very quick to reply, friendly and very helpful - you won’t find a better service.

Paul F. – November, 2019

As a freelance website designer and developer indianhoster is the best by a long way.

With 20 years in the business and having used most if not all of large hosting companies as a freelance website designer and developer indianhoster is the best by a long way. I have over 100 websites hosted directly with me and have never regretted the day I decided to move to indianhoster over two years ago.

The platform is excellent and always improving, but the customer service and support is what sets this company apart. I also do like that indianhoster listen to their customers and are always making improvements.

Chris – October, 2019

Fastest and best.

Fantastic and speedy support, also the fastest and best for price in terms of resellers.

Not one other host I have come across offers anything similar. This really is the only unlimited reseller plan, which actually works and is fast, available. Hugely recommend these guys.

Daniel Hobbs – October, 2019

Have really helped my web design business grow.

I have been with indianhoster for just over a year now and have been super impressed with the speeds and prices they offer for their services. Support has always been super helpful and have really helped my web design business grow!

Would recommend to other professionals out there.

Callum F. – October, 2019

My only regret is that I didn’t sign up earlier.

We’re one of the little guys with a small customer base which makes it all the more critical that things ‘just work’. We’ve only been with for a few months but it’s where we now host our customer WordPress sites and some .Net sites.

We have been delighted with the platform and doubt anybody can come close to the performance / value proposition that offers. My only regret is that I didn’t sign up earlier.

Neil M. – October, 2019

Amazing features for WP sites!

Best hosting package I have used. Intuitive and responsive. Some great tools as well for migrating and the support has been second to none with replies back within 20 minutes.

If you have a WP site I would definitely recommend moving over to indianhoster.

Tahir – October, 2019

indianhoster - They know how to do hosting!

Forget what you know about being a reseller, forget what your used to with your current hosts, forget the limitations, the downtime, the non autonomous backend…

Only one thing to remember, transfer over to indianhoster. They are more professional, more cost effective, have a brilliant backend, offer you more for your money, speaking of money, you’ll pay a lot (LOT) less too.

So glad i made the change from heartinternet, these guys have it sussed. Brilliant, Superb, Fabulous.

Well done indianhoster.

Steve R. – September, 2019

Can’t speak of indianhoster highly enough! :)

Faced with moving 100+ of our clients away from our old hosts originally seemed like a daunting task, but the help we received with migrations was fantastic, and the support since has been consistently high.

Whether from our / customers’ point of view: the platform is very user-friendly, and has everything where you would expect it to be. We have been delighted with the product/service itself, in our case the speed and stability of websites and email accounts. (The reason we left our ironically-named former hosts)

As the other reviewers seem to agree: Our only regret was not moving to indianhoster earlier.

Arran P. – September, 2019

indianhoster is a fantastic platform.

I have been using indianhoster for well over a year now and have nothing but praise for them. The usability of the site is excellent with many options available.

The support service is second to none. Its fast, informative and they help you understand what needs to be done and cure any niggles in a timely fashion.

Steve H. – September, 2019

Flawless service.

Flawless service, seamless support, phenomenal communication, and super-fast servers.

No waffle or nonsense. A perfect business.

James P. – September, 2019

Meets my high expectations.

I’ve been looking for a company like indianhoster for years. I have been in the I.T. Business for 16 years, and honestly I went to the trouble and expense of hosting everything myself as Hosting providers did not meet my high expectations…. until now.

My IT company now hosts with indianhoster and I now host all my clients here too. Mary Poppins maybe practically perfect, but so far indianhoster is perfect! At last a company (barr my own) that meets my high expectations. <3

Mat M. – September, 2019

Probably the best Website Host out there.

I’ve been using indianhoster on and off for a while now for domains, and finally chose to move my company over to them for website hosting. Firstly their customer service is second to none, rapid responses across the clock and exceptionally helpful.

Their custom created web panel is intuitive and easy to use, whilst containing features missing off key competitors such as SSH tools and backups.

To conclude, I think this is the last move for website hosting I will never need to make, and can’t wait to get more customers on board for my company so I can move to the reseller hosting.

Keep up the good work indianhoster!

Matthew M. – August, 2019

Not had one interruption…brilliant service.

Moved from another provider due to frequent interruptions to service. Been with indianhoster for over a year now and not had one interruption..brilliant service.

The email migration for existing customers from the old provider was very easy and effective, had a few small issues occasionally with migration but was dealt with quickly and efficiently…very happy.

Vincent A. – August, 2019

Like an extension of our team.

Platform and control panel is excellent. Well designed and easy to use. Support is absolutely second to none. Responses often come within minutes and their team go out of their way to help resolve issues.

We’ll be using indianhoster for years to come if they keep this up!

Marc G. – August, 2019

Heaven on Earth for developers.

Honestly, as I said to the tech via the chat, is God’s given heaven on earth for developers. No messing around straight up one cost where I can manage all my customers under one umbrella.

Amazing! Keep up!

Marco R. – July, 2019

Probably the Best Hosting I’ve Experienced in 20 years.

I’m moving multiple WordPress websites to indianhoster. The support is excellent, the control panel is super easy to use and it’s great value for money.

This is the best hosting I’ve found in 20 years of website design.

Andy W. – July, 2019

Happy reseller.

I moved all my client reseller hosting to indianhoster last year and I’m really happy I did. The interface is intuitive, there’s more white-label work I could do, but I’m happy for clients to know it’s indianhoster that’s supporting them. Whenever I have an issue the customer support is great, really efficient, friendly and human!

Sara – July, 2019

So glad I made the move.

So glad I made the move to indianhoster. Easy to manage multiple hosting accounts and love the fact that I can configure accounts to suit different clients. Control panel fast to load.

Support is incredible - both in the quality and speed of the response - and is provided with patience and thoroughness.

Helen F. – July, 2019

Absolutely no regrets.

I switched over to indianhoster around 6mths ago, migrating a few of my client’s sites over to test the VPS service. I have absolutely no regrets, the products and support from all departments be it accounts or technical has brilliant. and I will be migrating the rest of my clients over with the coming weeks and today I have ordered another VPS.

I have been involved in hosting on various levels for the last 20 years and so far I can say without a doubt they have been the best. I hope their growth does not change any of the above.

Great work!

Lee C. – June, 2019

Extremely user-friendly.

Why I chose indianhoster

As a relative beginner to website creation & migration I find indianhoster’s menu layout extremely user-friendly and the number of services they offer to create website hosting packages is impressive. Not only is the technical side of things well taken-care of, their white label agency/marketing tools (including templates) make billing and keeping in touch with clients easy and creates a professional look - PLUS their level of customer support is *outstanding*

Jillian J. – June, 2019

Top Guys with a fantastic product.

I have used a few different re-seller packages now and these guys are by far the best.

The platform is sturdy and all pricing is completely transparent and predictable.The prices given to resellers mean i can actually now be competitive and still make a profit!

They do the one thing every other host fails to do which is LISTEN! you see people giving feedback and they implement it, currently giving resellers more for their money.

Now onto the support and to be fair it’s rarely needed, but whenever i have used it responses are rapid and actually get things fixed straight away. And now it looks like they have a SUPPORT support which makes up for them not having phone support.

I just hope these guys stick to their core values and don’t change if they get too big. They have such a great thing going on that i will definitely be a long time customer !

firoz K. – June, 2019

If indianhoster did lager, Carling would be struggling…

I saw rave reviews of indianhoster ages ago. Frankly I was a bit afraid of giving a great review and then everything going south.

So here it is after two years with this company: I have been so impressed with the thought that has gone into every feature and every function. I cannot think of one single aspect of this service that is not above par. Being a web guy, I have been in the backends of ALL the major hosting company control panels and none of them are as fully featured or as well designed as this is.

Then the support. The support is 1st-rate super-fast and the staff are very courteous and professional. They always had the solutions that I needed very quickly.

Neil B. – June, 2019

The best web hosting company I’ve come across.

indianhoster are the best web hosting company I’ve come across and I’ve used quite a few in the last 20 years. Their hosting is really reliable, their control panel is clear and a joy to use and support is second to none.

I just hope they don’t get swallowed up by a competitor and go downhill as other hosting companies have because currently, they are excellent. In fact, they have been since I opened an account over two years ago.

Keep it up indianhoster!

Colin J. – June, 2019

indianhoster never fail to amaze me.

indianhoster never fail to amaze me, their customer support is second to none. I’ve been with all of the big hosting companies in the past and the support indianhoster offer can not be matched. Responses usually within 5-10 minutes with knowledgeable staff.

The services are the same, never had a problem over the 2 years I’ve been with indianhoster, Reseller Hosting is faster than any other Reseller Hosting I’ve used before and their VPS’ are great too!

Would recommend indianhoster to anyone.

Akash B. – May, 2019

Great hosting company

I recently moved 90+ websites from my old host, whose service level had dropped and were no longer a reliable host, to indianhoster. It could have been a nightmare moving that many websites but with Indian Hoster migration service for both websites and emails it was quite easy!

The tech support, when needed, was fast and very helpful. The reseller interface is easy to use and the control panel for each customer also has a nice layout and is easy to use.

The price for domains is lower than elsewhere and free SSL is a definite bonus (rather than ₹49 at previous host). All in all a breath of fresh air! Would highly recommend.

TC – May, 2019

I migrated 20+ domains in an hour or so. Excellent.

indianhoster reseller filled a big gap for me when I experienced poor service from another reseller provider which I had been with for many years. Free SSL is available, great control panel, and (important) support that is responsive and effective.

Migration of sites from the other provider was remarkably easy using the indianhoster migration tools - even pulled over all email accounts for a seamless IMAP experience. I would like to see a few more install scripts for other packages available, but its a minor detail. I am very happy I moved to indianhoster.

Jim L. – May, 2019

Significantly better.

I’ve used a competitor for years thinking they were great BUT then I came across indianhoster and found they were significantly better. I develop WordPress sites for clients and I love the facts that indianhoster have

1) a staging facility for me to develop in without risking the live site

2) an environment streamlined for WordPress

3) built in firewall and backups

4) a facility to transfer a WP site AND emails over to indianhoster

I’m in the process now of moving all my client sites over to indianhoster.

John H. – May, 2019

Second to none.

The best hosting company I’ve used in 20 years of web work. Support and service second to none.

Todd B. – May, 2019

Just the best!

When your monthly reseller cost is fixed with unlimited accounts and you have some quite mighty WordPress sites that are loading in under a second thus giving you very high 90s on Google page speeds . . . . your life just feels that much better.

As for support . . . . .wow . . . . the level of support these guys provide is insane. They really know their stuff, they are not reading prompts, you get the vibe they live it and know it inside out.

They also think outside the box and are always happy to get involved or try a new approach to any missions you throw at them. Plus they are very patient with you if (like me) you like to throw silly questions at them.

Can’t fault them!

Brian C. – May, 2019

THE best hosting company, hands down.

I do gratis web administration for a few small non-profits and acquaintances, and have moved half my client sites over to over the past 16 months. Those sites had previously been hosted by 3 other companies over the years.

indianhoster is far and away the best hosting company I’ve come across with respect to support, pricing, and ease of administration. Support is prompt, thorough, and gets ‘er done.

ReTired – April, 2019

Spectacularly user-friendly indianhoster admin panel.

I needed to quickly update the password for one of my email accounts. Thanks to the spectacularly user-friendly indianhoster admin panel, it took seconds. This is something that’s been a pain with every other provider I’ve used. With indianhoster, it’s easy.

I have total control over my hosting / email and have never needed to use their knowledge-base. Everything (every single thing) is where I expect it to be. Clear user design, which saves time & eliminates frustration. No, I’m not being paid to say this. I just love it!

I just had one of those moments, where I thought “this is going to be a total pain in the rump”, yet with your control panel, it was effortless. I then realised this happens all the time with you guys. All the time. Makes me a happy camper.

Jim C. – April, 2019

The new WordPress Tools are amazing.

I’ve had nothing but positive experiences with all of the contact I’ve had with indianhoster, their support is excellent and worthy of a special mention all on it’s own.

The platform is really fantastic, especially compared to their competitors, most of which I have tried at some point.

The new WordPress Tools are amazing and save a huge amount of time and effort, and I have complete control of my resources.

Jurgen D. – April, 2019

Best host I’ve ever been with.

I’ve moved all my WordPress clients to indianhoster and it’s been the best move I’ve made.

Server is fast, support is outstanding and their new WordPress tools, including staging environments, have saved me a ton of time.

Highly recommended.

Paul – April, 2019

Brilliant support and fast service!

Have been on a reseller package with indianhoster for two years now and I cannot fault them. Brilliant fast service and their customer support is second to none. I moved after having constant problems with my last provider after they merged with a bigger provider.

They are always helpful with any issues we have (which is very rare!). 100% recommend them.

Just please guys, do not sell out to the bigger companies - your personal service is why I am with you. 😊

Lesley Jane M. – April, 2019

Reliable, excellent service every time

I’ve used indianhoster for around two years now and I’ve never come across a more helpful and professional service. I’ve used many hosts over the years but now I wouldn’t consider changing to another provider.

The service is very quick and on point every time, and I’ve never experienced a domain outage.

Sean V. – March, 2019

Best decision ever.

I had been with my previous reseller host since 2011 and it was time to change. I saw indianhoster being recommended and thought I’d try it as it’s only ₹100 for the first month.

Best decision ever. The interface is so simple to use, it’s easy to migrate your sites and best of all, the support is outstanding. I highly recommend indianhoster.

Heidi W. – March, 2019

Quality and reliability.

I ran an Internet Consultancy business for over 12 years prior to retiring. During this time I developed numerous WordPress sites for clients, and used a variety of hosting services, including shared reseller through to a dedicated server.

I can honestly say that none of these came close to the quality and reliability of service I now enjoy. As for the support it is simply second to none, everything from a simple query to a more complex (for me) problem, has been dealt with quickly, efficiently, and above all very courteously.

Peter R. – March, 2019

I cannot recommend indianhoster enough.

Coming from Heart Internet, indianhoster are a breath of fresh air.

I cannot recommend indianhoster enough. If you are here considering looking for a new host, then I 100% recommend indianhoster. The support is amazing, very fast response times, friendly staff, very knowledgeable and will go above and beyond to help you out.

Migration was very simple and pain-free.

The tools provided to resellers are really helpful and expanding all the time. I just hope this level of support remains for the future so we can grow with indianhoster, I feel confident it will. They also listen to their customers which is a credit to them.

Andrew H. – March, 2019

Superb service, can’t fault it.

Superb service. I’ve been a developer for 20 years and can’t fault them. Lightning fast true cloud infrastructure - one of my client’s pagespeed scores went up 18 points just by moving to indianhoster. Their proprietary cpanel control panel is a joy to use and lets me do everything I need to manage multiple client sites whilst also giving those clients access so they stay in control.

The attention to detail is just great, making my life so much easier. I’ve recommended them to colleagues and all are as impressed as I am. Support responses are fast, helpful and informed. Thanks indianhoster, keep up the excellent work!

John C. – February, 2019

I can highly recommend indianhoster.

I have been with indianhoster for some months now and I have not had any down time at all.

The tech support team are amazing they have even helped me fix a WordPress issue on my own website which had nothing to do with the hosting. The servers are extremely fast and the price is amazing also. I can highly recommend indianhoster.

Steve B. – February, 2019

Takes most of the work out of moving.

I haven’t been with indianhoster for long but I can assure you that their services and level of support is second to none. I would urge anyone interested to try their first month for ₹100 and I guarantee you’ll be impressed. Also their migration service from your old hosting company is brilliant and very simple. Takes most of the work out of moving.

Shane M. – February, 2019

Reliability has been exceptional, support is outstanding and pricing is fantastic.

Keep doing what you’re doing, love the service. WORDPRESS TOOLS addition to the CP is awesome, VERY handy indeed to be able to disable/deactivate a plugin. Before I had to do it manually via FTP if I was locked out due to a security plugin failure.

Reliability has been exceptional, support is outstanding and pricing is fantastic. And every now and then we get new unexpected but very handy features or services. The whole system, control panel and ease of use is unparalleled in the hosting business that I’ve used in nearly 20 years.

Richard S. – February, 2019

I count on Teamindianhoster for the success of my company.

Highly Recommended

indianhoster has a very professional team with outstanding support. They have always been behind my back. I count on Teamindianhoster for the success of my company. I’d recommend them to any one looking to build an web development company. Never go with the big names out in market, indianhoster beats them all, and indianhoster really works hard to give the resellers the best features possible.

Infinity Innovations – February, 2019

Try them, you won’t look back.

I was honestly amazed at how good indianhoster have been, I’ve been working in IT for 20+ years so it’s not easy to surprise me but they did, from the ease of administration with their panel to the speed & helpfulness of their support team I’ve been truly blown away.

We we’re only going to migrate our wordpress site but were so impressed we’ve consolidated our e-mail from MS Office 365, our domains from go daddy & our hosting from a 3rd party provider with the result that we’ve saved a small fortune (& as a small business thats important) & the website is running much much faster.

I cannot recommend them highly enough.

Sophie – February, 2019

My sites are loading faster.

So far so good. The migration from my old web hosts has gone without a hitch. Support when needed has been excellent and very quick to respond. My sites are loading faster and email is more reliable. They offer free SSL (which my previous web hosts did not). All in all my clients are very happy.

Rob C. – January, 2019

Working with indianhoster is like a breath of fresh air.

Working with indianhoster - in terms of functionality, usability and level of technical support is like a dream compared to my previous reseller host Heart Internet. Any disgruntled Heart resellers reading this should not hesitate to set up with indianhoster - their migration tools make it very easy. This is a genuine review - I feel that people should know about how good this company is!

Keith P. – January, 2019

indianhoster are THE BEST HOSTING COMPANY!

After being with Heart Internet for over 7 years (with their downtime becoming a huge problem on a monthly/weekly basis) - indianhoster was the answer to my woes.

After spending a month migrating all of my websites over to them, I can say that their migration tool is incredible, their support is second to none, and their CPanel is intuitive/easy to use.

If you’re looking for reliable hosting with an incredible level of customer support, DO NOT HESITATE! Only wish I’d done it sooner!

Jayd – January, 2019