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Run your own web hosting company in a few simple steps with SuperHost. Our free application gets your Reseller hosting business online fast.

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Start Making a Profit with only 10 Customers!

On average indianhoster Resellers start making a profit after onboarding 10 hosting clients to their account. Try out our Reseller Profit Calculator.

SuperHost Automation

What is SuperHost?

Automated. Flexible. Modular. Beautiful.(And free!)

There’s more to running a successful hosting business than simply buying an unlimited hosting package.

You need to set up a website and a store. Then you’d have to put in place all the business processes and customer support systems which you’d need for any online business.

SuperHost takes care of all of this out of the box: giving you the freedom to concentrate on what you enjoy. It can be customised to match your branding, and it’s modular – use all of its features or just what you need. We created it in-house, using the expertise and experience built up over 20 years in the web hosting industry.

The best alternative to WHMCS comes free with the indianhoster Reseller Hosting package.

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A Seamless Shopping Experience

Just enter your hosting products, prices and payment provider details into Myindianhoster and your shop is ready to go. A customer can select and pay for hosting, domain or a VPS and begin using it immediately – all without your input.

Any payments will go through a free automatic fraud-checking service. SuperHost supports all the major payment gateways including GoCardless, PayPal, Square, Stripe and more.

The shop is visually identical as your customers’ control panel, Cpanel, so the flow between them is seamless.

Seamless Shopping
SuperHost Features

Manage Pricing and Content Easily

Simple Product and Service Management

You can sell all of indianhoster’s products and services: hosting, VPS, domains, SSLs, database licences and more. You can also sell your own products – such as themes – through SuperHost.

Products and pricing can be as simple or as complex as you’d like.

It’s just a few clicks to change prices or descriptions, and there are no limits on what you can offer. You can manage prices and taxes globally, or drill-down to change individual hosting packages. Offer discounts on any product through codes your customers can enter at payment. We include helpful ‘recommended prices’ on domains and VPS to give you a head start.

You can even charge for services that we provide for free to Resellers – like our malware scanner – meaning that you’ll be making 100% profit on every sale.


What our Customers Think

The SuperHost is insane. You've done a fantastic job on making it so simple to setup and I'm looking forward to promoting my services with it.

pawan mittal. – fab, 2021 5 star reseller hosting

Amazing work with SuperHost :-D So much easier to use than WHMCS.

Mukesh Bhutani. – january, 2021 5 star reseller hosting


Selling Hosting Fast

Integrate into your Existing Website

If you have an established business, you can add the hosting store to it: it will integrate with any pre-existing site.

You can add products other than hosting to the shop too. Web design, SEO, one-off design charges, themes – all these can be added to SuperHost. Your clients can then make all their payments in one simple, attractive and secure interface.


Set and Forget

While we don’t want you to abandon the human touch, it’s easy to automate all your business processes. You can set up and manage:

  • Recurring contracts
  • Renewal notification sequences
  • Automatic invoicing
  • Failed payments and unpaid invoices

Preset default automated sequences and messages are included to give you a running start. So you can start your business today. Or, if you’d prefer, you can edit and tweak all the business automation features until it’s exactly how you want to run things.

Set and Forget


Stay in Touch

SuperHost gives you the tools you need to keep your customers happy and engaged.
Customer Help Desk
Customer Help Desk

Our Cpanel Help Desk software gives you all you need to deal with customer queries.

Your customers are able to send support requests via their Cpanel control panel, and you can respond through the sophisticated ticketing system in Myindianhoster. You can create and customise departments, statuses and email notifications or use the presets.

Marketing Emails
Marketing Emails

You can send HTML or plain-text emails to your customers to promote your hosting business. Bulk, branded emails can be sent to selected Cpanel Users; segmented based on the product they use.

You can choose an email template, modify, test, save – then send it out. The emails can include all the personalisation you’d like, with a wealth of variables to focus them on the individual.

Control Panel Messaging
Control Panel Messaging

Perhaps you have something more urgent or important to impart to your customers, such as holiday opening hours?

The Cpanel Message Centre makes it simple to target all (or a select few) of your customers with a control panel message. They’ll receive it as soon as they log in.

Business Analytics

Reporting Tools

High quality business intelligence is at the heart of a successful and sustainable business. So SuperHost has a dedicated area for this, where you can view customers, revenues, products and services.

Reporting Tools

SuperHost’s reports help you monitor your business performance over time. Gain insight from elegant and powerful business performance visualisations. Make the decisions that will turn your business into a web hosting success story.


SuperHost vs The Rest

  • It’s free forever: there are no limits or charges per customer, unlike WHMCS
  • Integrates seamlessly with the Cpanel client area
  • Has an attractive, mobile-friendly and modern design
  • Includes ready-made hosting website templates
  • Has free fraud checking and no transaction charges
  • Automatic import of customers from WHMCS
  • Doesn’t require any installs or updates
  • Includes guideline pricing to sell over 300 discounted domain extensions
  • Lets you increase revenue by selling registry-level premium domains in a single click
  • It’s being actively improved through feedback from indianhoster’s Reseller hosting clients
  • Free technical support from indianhoster’s top-rated team of experts
SuperHost vs the rest


SuperHost Features

  • Pre-built modern hosting website templates
  • Integrated web store
  • Automatic fraud checking
  • Recurring contracts
  • Renewal notification sequences
  • Automatic invoicing
  • Automated email sequences that manage payments and debt
  • Fully-featured customer support helpdesk
  • Customer bulk emails
  • Control panel messaging
  • Business performance reporting
  • Sell any product


Ongoing Development

SuperHost is already the #1 turnkey web hosting business solution. But we know – from our experiences with web hosting platforms – that we have to keep getting better to stay ahead.

So we’re committed to an ongoing development program. Your feedback will help shape the future direction of SuperHost. So let us know via the Myindianhoster feedback form today.

Ongoing Development

Any questions? Read our SuperHost support articles.

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